With more than 21 years of experience delivering customized Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services globally, HHSG understands the complex needs of employers to recruit and retain high quality employees and reduce the impact of personal problems on individual and group performance.

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a wide range of confidential professional services from psychological assessment and counseling to such practical work life issues.  The primary goal of the EAP is to help identify and resolve behavioral and performance problems associated with employees who are impaired by personal or work related issues such as emotional problems, alcohol, drugs, marital. family, supervisory and coworker conflicts, job stress, stress related to legal and financial problems, child or elder care issues, health problems and other personal concerns.

Services We Offer

Listed below are all the services available to your employees when your company partners with the Health & Human Services Group in the development of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Management Consultation

Critical Incident Management

Counseling Services 

Training Programs

Confidentiality and the EAP

Contact between an EAP counselor and a DEA employee and/or family member is considered confidential.Information regarding an employee’s use of the EAP may not be shared with any other party unless the employee provides written permission. The EAP is compelled to keep client information private as required by Federal law and regulation, and prevailing State and local laws. Read more…