About Us

Health and Human Services Group (HHSG) has been the DEA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) contractor since 1996. HHSG operates a comprehensive and well-integrated EAP that provides uninterrupted continuity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With toll free access and a wide range of services to approximately 10,000 DEA employees members and their families assigned to approximately 272 DEA facilities located throughout the United States and Caribbean.

Services include diagnostic evaluations, short-term solution oriented counseling (maximum of six sessions) referral for long term care, substance abuse assessment, treatment planning and referral to community rehabilitation facilities, monitoring and follow-up counseling. Additional services include, management consultation, information and referral services, and other services required to help resolve a wide range of individual problems or social issues that can impair an employees’ job performance and conduct.

HHSG also provides Clinical Briefings for traumatic incidents, employee education and prevention training, supervisory training, specialized law enforcement training and organizational development interventions.

Employee problems and issues can include alcohol and drug abuse/addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, acute distress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, emotional adjustment problems, burnout, occupational stress, performance and conduct problems, relationship/marital/family stress or dysfunction, eating disorders, occupational problems, consumer issues other social issues. EAP services are delivered face-to-face in the office of our Area Clinicians or Remote Clinicians or on-site for Clinical Briefings and Training.