Counseling Services


Counseling services provided by the EAP are designed to aid your employees no matter what their needs may be. Typical types of counseling available include emotional, family, marital, issues related to legal and financial problems, although almost any other issue can be accommodated as well. The EAP uses brief solution focused counseling services to help clients resolve problems that are troubling and impacting their performance at work.

Counseling services take no more than six sessions and are provided “face to face” by licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, or other mental health professionals. Clients are seen in the private office of the licensed clinician, usually within 72 hours of their initial call to the EAP. Provider’s offices are located within a reasonable driving distance from client work sites.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential service that assists DEA employees and family members in identifying and resolving personal and work-related problems.

Its services include:

Brief Counseling, consultation, problem assessment, and/or referral for personal or job related problems such as—

• Alcoholism / substance abuse

• Stress and anxiety

• Work performance or personality issues

• Traumatic events

• Marital and family conflict

• Separation and divorce

• Serious illness and disability

• Grief and loss

• Child development and school concerns

• Child and elder care issues