Management Consultation



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Often times personal difficulties in the lives of employees carry over into the workplace. In these situations, it can be difficult for management and supervisory personnel to know just how to deal with the employee. For this reason, Health & Human Services Group provides Management Consultation in order to aid employers in dealing with these issues.

Managers and supervisors often find themselves unprepared for dealing with various personnel issues (e.g. determining if personal problems are contributing to performance problems or if an employee is dangerous to self or others). Having the ability to receive immediate professional consultation allows managers and supervisors to make quick personnel decisions that promote productivity and loyalty to the agency and its mission.

The EAP provides managers and supervisors with telephone or on-site consultation to help them deal with various employee or unit problems. Assistance may include coordinating the problem-solving intervention with the troubled employee and the supervisor, or the work unit.

The EAP provides professional consultations regarding workplace violence, threat assessments, psychological fitness, homicide or suicide risk, conflict resolution or mediation, and organizational assessment and interventions.